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As with any park or nature trail, you should be aware of the common dangers you may encounter outdoors. Wear long pants whenever you use any nature trail or park.

Poison Ivy- Poison ivy has been found in the park. Wear long pants and full-coverage shoes.

Ticks- Ticks are present all over Western New York. Wear long pants and full-coverage shoes when using any trails. Inspect for ticks any pets that have walked the trails with you. Be aware of any changes to your skin (like bumps or a rash) after spending time in the outdoors.

Giant HogweedGiant hogweed, a very dangerous plant, was found growing in various areas of Niagara County including Royalton Ravine County Park.  All plants located at that time have been destroyed, but should you come across something you suspect may be Giant Hogweed, do not touch the plant.  Contact with Giant Hogweed results in severe skin irritation and painful burning blisters. It resembles a very large Queen Anne’s Lace plant.  Its stems are 9-14 feet high and 2-4 inches in diameter.  They are hollow and ridged with purple blotches and coarse hairs.  Flowering occurs from mid-June to mid-July and flower clusters may reach 2 ½ feet across.  Contact the Niagara County Parks Department at (716) 439-7950 if you see this plant. Click for hogweed description and picture (link is to NYS Department of Health)


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